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CELTA NETWORK is a group of teachers, trainers, coaches, who support one another, exchange experiences between ‘seasoned’ and newly qualified teachers, and are alert to job opportunities.

We also help trainees with their CELTA COURSE, should they need a ‘warm-up’ session, or a ‘refresher’ in  Grammar, Skills and Resources.

CELTA NETWORK meets at 19 Winchester Road, London NW3 3NR, Swiss Cottage Community Centre. Please confirm your interest to attend a meeting writing to Alfonso (survivor of a CELTA Course) at or calling (07981) 326675.
Friends are already meeting at

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Alfonso – Coordinator



CELTA COURSES are the first step in your career as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which gives you a fantastic opportunity to acquire a lifetime skill and get to know different people, places and cultures. There’s an excellent offer of courses in London to cover what you need to know and train in; hundreds of CELTA trainees get their accreditation every year, ready to get a job in the UK or abroad. A CELTA Teacher is an ‘Ambassador’ of the English culture and language, and you’ll never find yourself short of chances to make a living out of teaching, wherever and whenever you’re needed.

CELTA involves a lot of physical and imaginative work, just as you will have to do when you are teaching to international students, and demands four weeks of intense training and preparation. If you’re totally new to teaching, you may feel a bit frustrated, if not ‘lost’ at some point of the course! But your teachers will help and stand by you when you need them. And, take it from ‘the horse’s mouth’, at the end of the course you’ll feel as though those four weeks have passed in the blink of an eye, and you’ve had the most exhilarating time since your schooldays.


Whether you are interested in Private Tutorials, Group Workshops for Schools of English, or uncertain about which CELTA Course to take, you can arrange a consultation with a qualified and experienced EFL advisor. We recommend that you get in touch with AngloExperience, (, who provide relevant information, organise Workshops and offer Tutorials pre and post CELTA. At a Workshop, you’ll be introduced to the material, structure and preview of the practical skills you will need in the Course, and in your professional life. The tutors, experienced EFL Teachers in the UK and abroad, will give you a ‘snapshot’ of Lesson Planning, Vocabulary Elicitation, Games Design, and Engagement Activities. You’ll have the chance to prepare teaching material, time your tasks, and conduct a lesson, after which you’ll get feedback, tips and resources. Contact Alfonso for information about fees.


Teaching courses are open to people in every stage of life, native speakers or foreigners, with or without teaching qualifications or background. Accountants, Clerks, Coaches, Technicians, Designers, who got the bug of improving their communication skills and/or roaming around the world, have given TEFL a go, temporarily or permanently, and have found it a rewarding way of experiencing the world first hand, while getting paid.

Getting training in teaching not only prepares you to stand in front of a classroom, but might also come in very handy when your job demands communication skills or transfer of knowledge: Public Speakers, Leaders, Managers, Businesspeople, Lecturers, can take advantage of the use of Elicitation, Engagement, or Multimedia techniques.


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